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Bill Wallace PKA

Professional Karate 1975 Winter

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Cover: Bill Wallace with Telly Savallas
68 Seiten

  • World Professional Karate Champioships 1974
  • Candid Interview with Byong Yong Yu
  • Kung Fu Southern Hands with Al Dacascos and Bing Lee
  • Top 50 fighters of the world
  • Grand Nationals by Chuck Cairo
  • Top 10 Nationals Professional Karate Champioship
  • Classic Showdown at the Battle of Atlanta
  • Kata top 10 with Hidy Ochiai, Eric Lee, Tayari Casel, etc.
  • Shotokan Haian Number 4 by Takayuki Mikami
  • Famous karate students
  • Defense against knife attack by Jim Harrison
  • Heavyweght Ross Scott
  • Byong Yong Yu poster